Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

This website is using "cookie" technology. The use of cookies relates to both statutory obligations, conditions of sale contract, more personalized and more convenient service, as well as with your consent for marketing purposes.

A cookie is a small-scale text file sent by the web server to the user's web browser and loaded onto the user's computer.

We collect cookies for the following purposes:
By monitoring the use of cookies, we can improve the performance of our e-environment and e-store services. In addition, we can see what are the most popular parts of our website, which web sites our visitors will pass on or from which websites they are coming from, and how long visitors are in our e-store.

We also use cookies to compile statistics on the number of visitors to our e-shop, and we also value its effectiveness when it comes to advertising.

With cookies, we can collect information about the supply of ads or specific browser-targeted content by creating different audiences.

Our e-store websites may also have links to third party websites, products and services, as well as social media extensions (e.g., Facebook plugins, Google Analytics) for marketing and statistics purposes. Third-party services or third-party applications on our websites are subject to the privacy policy of third parties. We encourage you to access the personal data protection practices of such persons.